Friday, 19 August 2016

There Is No Sacrifice Too Great For God’s Truth.

This is supposedly as cold as it gets :D I'm loving the rain...not! I’ve been extremely blessed, my sectors are the driest every time and they are usually the wettest ;D 
 We found a really cool couple named Jorge and Cecilia. They’re catholic and they want to listen to more because I surprised them with the knowledge I have of the bible, they’re going to read, pray and come to church this Sunday :D
Hna Ricagnos going to come Saturday and save me! ha-ha Yolanda (a lady we are teaching) needs help and she’s not understanding my accent ha-ha :D
My new comp is 5' 11" it's soooo weird to be looking up instead of down :D I’m finishing her training so the worlds all craziness but I love her to death. Her name is Raegan Fawn Goulding and she is a dancer and acupella singer, she dances hip hop, and likes gospel music you’d like her lots :D It’s been fun :D
           Our house mates from Argentina and Columbia :D  

Rod started sending Shaylee Mexican word of the day jokes when she was in the MTC and has done one each week of her mission. I'll have to have Rod send me the one she didn't get and post it for you.

 I don’t got this Mexi joke? Ha-ha oh well
Journey (your knee) you’re so Spanish now you don't even get the jokes! Haha
It's sad but true :D

 I just want you to know this church is true :D I see it every day so clearly. I’m to the point of tired I literally fall asleep if I don’t  move for more than 10 seconds and have no idea how I keep walking but I do because I know it’s true. There is no sacrifice too great for god’s truth. He will always help and support us. Our eternal family :D my comfort every moment, I’m so grateful we are going to be eternal :D
This week I walked everywhere. 2 or 3 hours of pure walking at least every day :P It was craziness :D 
 Yolanda was our only investigator that came to church this week, but that was ok because god has a plan for all the others too. We have a great week planned for this week :D We are so busy it’s insane those hours walking are literally running from one appointment to another. Please pray for Nelly and Pablo, Yolanda, Belen and Carlos, Cecilia, Jorge and Silvia, Juan, and Rodrigo that would be a big help and Diego and Leticia :D  Also pray for Margaret in San Pedro she broke her leg and couldn’t attend church for a month yikes! She went last week because the doc said she could  finally put some weight on it :D I was able to call her last week :D love that lady she’s cool :D  

Yesterday was my ten month mark- seven more fast Sundays left.


This is the cool Chilean thingy I bought, it’s so cute!
 I love you all so much!

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