Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bye Hermana Wright :(

I got soaked this week! ha-ha A member lent me an umbrella... as I couldn’t find one, it was freezing! :D We don't have furnaces in our apartment, I stay warm with a space heater :D Hna Hall left me her sleeping bag and I have army blankets so I’m good and warm. My wardrobe tripled! ha-ha Hna Hall left me all the stuff I like of hers, gotta love her :D 
I miss driving so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pres. sent out an email asking who has a drivers license so I have hope maybe autos???

This is Belen Matias and baby Lorenzo she’s like my cool aunt here and investigator :D 
                                BBQ with Nelly (investigator) Pablo (less active member)

                                                          Minguel, Felipe, and Yonaton

 Alicia Riquelme the Niña is Antonia and the teeny R.M. is Vanessa the dog is Kimba of whom I have fear.



My rain gear. One day I looked like the giant from Princess Bride ha-ha it’s amazing what I’ll wear to keep dry.
                                                                   On the bus
                         Hna Wright overlooking the poorer sector :D 
  I’m going to be training again, finishing the training that is :D Hna Golden is her name :D I’ll be living with three new sisters :D  Hna Peñas going to be Hermanita Galdinos compy :D and Hna Wright is heading into the lion’s den with a difficult comp from Bolivia, poor girl. She is strong she’ll be fine

 Yolanda our investigator who can’t read but has a real talent for baking ;D she’s super sweet she made us apple kuchen for Hna Wrights departure :D delicious!

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