Sunday, 28 August 2016

Llaima Volcano

 We had a super crazy week, but fun week. :D  Hna Ricagno gave me a super yummy chocolate almond bar :) I love those things :D Hna Vazaees wrote me a cute note :) Elder Carroll my district leader brought bcream filled buns and lemon pie on Tuesday :)

I sent her some chocolate peppermint tea for her birthday, it is fantastic with frothed milk. Glad she likes it.
 I have drank sooooo much tea this week I LOOOOOOVE it :)

The members kept forgetting we had  lunch appointments and would not answer their phones this week.  Sunday (also sin lunch) we had 3 investigators in the church yesterday. Maria, 75yrs old is going to be baptized on the 10th of Sept,  Rodrigo and Cecilia  Maupuchan a couple that is not married so ley de castidad (law of chastity) lesson coming soon ;) We climbed through a tunnel and up a  muddy cliff to get to their house to wake them up for church because we didn’t have time to go the normal way :D Hna Goulding was a little concerned :D haha but they came didn’t they :D and I wonder why people think missionaries are weird :D
We invented many strange concoctions with our breakfast foods. :P

                                          This is green punch day :P 
My comp and I  really get along great! I love her we sing a lot! haha she wishes she was black :)


This morning I was on the side of an active volcano playing in my favorite substance, the snow!!!!!!!!! I love snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made snow forts :D my district was very pleased to have a REAL Canadian to help ha-ha so many jokes today crazy elders I had tons of fun we won the snowball fight :D I love snow :D
                 I love the cool cactus trees covered in snow :D

I love you all so much!

Love, Amazing Shaylee
The Llaima Volcano is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Chile. It is situated 82 km northeast of Temuco and 663 km southeast of Santiago, within the borders of Conguillío National Park.


Llaima is one of Chile's most active volcanoes and has frequent but moderate eruptions. Llaima’s activity has been documented since the 17th century, and consists of several separate episodes of moderate explosive eruptions with occasional lava flows. The last major eruption occurred in 1994.[3]
An eruption on January 1, 2008 forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from nearby villages. A column of smoke approximately 3000 m high was observed. An amateur caught the early eruption phase on video.[4] The volcanic ash expelled by Llaima travelled east over the Andes into Argentina. Ash fall was recorded in the area of Zapala, Neuquén Province, and forced the cancellation of flights to and from Presidente Perón Airport near the city of Neuquén.[5] On July 2, 2008, another eruption resulted in evacuation of 40 people from a 15 km exclusion zone.[6]
An eruption occurred on April 5, 2009, with pyroclastic flows, ash and lava seen on the slopes.


The ski center Las Araucarias lies on the volcano's western slopes.

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