Friday, 2 September 2016

Roddy Boy

I would love to take more pictures, its killing me to not take many pictures but it frustrates me so bad that I can’t see what I’m taking pics of that I just.. don’t :P I’ll try to do better ;D ha-ha I’m happy and life is great too but I totally understand getting tired. I’m just so glad that Daddy is home, seriously I feel so much better now. I can’t believe Riley put his availability date for the beginning of February, you should go in and change it for June, por faz :D ha-ha Grandma wrote me all about how wonderful Roddy boy looks ha-ha so sweet :D  
 Eeeew school I do not miss that :P ha-ha the kids here are in 2nd semester already :D 
 Joel sent me pics of him and Ella. I’m so happy for them!
I’m kind of getting worried for cambios cause I’m really going to miss my best Chilean friends Soledad and Alma ( translated loneliness and soul) :D they always go knocking with us and I’m gonna miss em so much. There is like a 2 percent chance I’m staying :( I’ve been here for 5 monthsish now. and Hna Goulding is so smart I hardly feel like I’m training unless I’m translating or making her do practices and teaching how to teach :D ha-ha ok maybe I do train, but I really enjoy training :D
Maria is our 75 yr. old investigator and she is so stoked for her baptism on the tenth so that’s going great :D after I taught her diezmo or tithing, I asked her if she would pay it after her baptism, she looked at me, blinks, and I’m wondering if she understood and then she goes, I believe it would be better if I paid it before my baptism too, then she starts cracking up laughing and she’s like its sounds pretty important. I was like phew ha-ha she’s funny. We have f.h.e. with her tonight and the familia morales :D I’m excited. were also teaching a 8yr old girl named Isadora (Izzy) and she turn 9 on the 7th of Sept and her baptism is on the 24 of Sept. She’s bouncing off the walls excited for Sept :D she’s so cute :D  aaannnddd.... yeah it’s been a good week oh yeah! We were helping a menos activo with his English homework ha-ha (he’s 19) and I was trying to help with pronunciation and it turns out mines pretty interesting so be prepared to help me relearn how to speak English :D Hna Goulding was practically on the floor she was laughing so hard :P 

I love you all!

Love, Shaylee

It was a great moment when Jose Miranda starts acting out the story of Nephi and Laban with Connie’s Barbie’s ha-ha he was so embarrassed when Hna Goulding caught the pic :D

 Not sure who this is but Shay is in the green skirt behind her.

                                                                 Comp selfie   
                                                            Comp turned stuffy


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