Friday, 22 July 2016


Hna Ricagno is in love with her new shirt ha-ha her reaction was epic! It involved many squeals and Spanglish phrases ha-ha :D she was so happy!

We had a zone french toast breakfast
My comp had a hole in her shoe when we went to a member’s house. She refused to wear her red shoes with this outfit so the 17 yr. old, Andrea covered the hole with tape that wouldn’t clash with her shirt. She was mortified ha-ha :D

This lady is named Nancy. She’s menos active cause she had a surgery that left her slightly brain damaged and she can’t get around much. she’s cute.
 Hermanita Hermanita, as I call her Hna Bazeas from Chile she is Hna Ricagno trainee in this moment :D (Spanglish makes me laugh)
Part of Shaylee's letter to her mission Prez. I had to translate some of her Spanglish.
 This week we found 11 new and are very good investigators. We're very excited about that. Yolanda also came to church and was very happy. It was a miracle that no one asked her to read during classes, because she cannot read. is very good.

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