Saturday, 9 July 2016

Jose's Baptism

Dad's apartment is a lot nicer than our mission house ha-ha :D I’m so glad you got to go up there :D, things have been good. Jose did go through with his baptism. They baptized him wrong, with the left arm to the square, not the right but the witness´ said it was good and so did the bishop, so the zone leaders said we just have to leave that one up to the lord even though we know it was wrong. I called them on it while we were there too, soo.... bueno?  His youngest brother is going to be baptized on the 16 with Jose’s best friend ha-ha :D

  It’s been a little weird in the house... I love Hna Hall. Hna Wrights good, but she thinks if I’m not bouncing of the walls somethings wrong.  She keeps telling everyone I have stomach problems, or need to see a doc, and wants me to go home to sleep every day :P She’s super new to the mission, just came out of her training ha-ha. Hna Hall’s having it rough too she hates when people are very dependent, and Hna Peña (Chilean) asks her for permission to use the bathroom when we are in the house at night.  We're both going crazy but that’s alright :D. I made a pancake breakfast for Hna Wrights birthday and this sign for Hna Peñas arrival :D


 We had a miracle this week. The other day I was looking for a less active member with Hna Wright and Hna Peña, and I kept having my attention pulled to a different house down the street. Hna Hall was at a leaders meeting in Concepcion with Ricagno, so we were on splits. I drug them all down to it and I hit the speakerphone like five times and finally a 25 yr. old girl answers and lets us in. Her name is Leslie, she’s cool, and her 18 year old sister Cecilia, was there, and then her parents came. It was seriously one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve taught :D ha-ha. Her parents walked in right as we were about to challenge them for baptism so no date for them yet ha-ha. Leslie has a 4 yr. old daughter, is single, and is in university. I’m really excited for them :D We found 9 new investigators this week :D The closest I’ve come to that was 8, in my second week here :D yay! 
Chile also won the Copa America Soccer Cup on Sunday, and let me say, I did not sleep ha-ha it was crazy! Hna Peña was pulling some serious apostasy with her prayers when we heard the celebration start-up! Haha, we had to be in our house when the game started, it was sketch in the streets :P  The celebration was insane!!!! I have some videos from out my window but the internet is too slow :( that’s why I'm writing on Tuesday, just for this week because it was game day, everything was closed and people were all in their houses ha-ha. 
 Hna Peña was way to happy she was pretty much crying kissing her Chilean jersey ha-ha she’s cute :D

                                         View from Shay's window of the after party goers

What else happened...... oh yeah we were getting ready to go to the district meeting, Hna Wright jumped on the wrong bus and paid before I even knew what was happening, so I had to jump on after her! We took like an hour to get there :P   I was so bus sick. 


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