Monday, 11 July 2016

Hump Day

Ashley and Hannah are the best, pooor things, I never have time to respond ;P
 I got a package shout hurray! Yay!!! I’m wearing my shirt right now, I looooove it :D thanks momma :D I had internal debate about using/destroying it for hump day but... it’s so nice to have a shirt I actually like to wear, ha-ha and my comp about keeled over when she saw the pants you sent me. ha-ha best moment ever :D

I hit 9 months on the 7th and Hna Ricagno made me a hump day present.
Yikes, it’s so hard to take pics when the screen on my camera doesn't work. :P I’m just glad the camera still works :D   I’d love for you to come get me and we can stop in Argentina on the way home :D
This week we found a lady who can’t read, but who commited to come to church if we came and got her. So we went and got her a week later, without contact and she was all dressed up waiting to go. She LOVED church. It was her birthday and she came before her family came over :D she's cool :D
Felipe got baptized on Saturday; the little gangster :D yay! it was hard to watch from a distance, but I’m glad I got to see it :D Side note, the package you sent arrived on my halfway day! Pres. May and his wife came  down here, I love them lots already they are super cool :D They dropped the number of times kids need to come to church before baptism :D woohoo! So now Diego can get baptized on the 6 instead of the 11 of September :D he’s excited :D

We had lunch with a crazy lady yesterday and the food was fantastic!... just way too much. They bring plates to the table all dished up and it’s a super insult not to eat it all :P she literally ate a 1/4 of what we did. :( But she says she has favorites and I’m one of her favorites, she’s going to make me pizza next time :D yay!!! She’s seriously nuts, but a good cook. :D
Hna Hall made the pink card above. She says you guys are her favorites so she drew all of you on there  :D  She actually wore her new Canadian dog tag you sent. ha-ha :D Hna Wright wore hers around the house.
 I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen this week. I now everything is going to be all right :D 

                                                                      Amazing Shaylee

I sent her some pictures I took from the top of our hill.
 I miss home! Thanks for sending that dose of rejuvenating freshness :D I miss open air and the cute calves.

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