Monday, 7 December 2015

Two Months Out!

I am assuming this is part of what Shaylee wrote her mission president before writing us I don't know it's all Spanish to me! I also assume the paragraph after is the translation? Sister Amy Wright let me know if I'm right in  my assumption.
I sent her a picture of Riley and Rod cutting up their deer.
Her email this week was short and sweet.

 stoy muy contente con la vida missional ahora, despues reciebiendo plantillas de hermana balden, ella es un angel. :) tuve un momento muy rado ayer, olvido todo de mi espaƱol :P solo para cerca de diez minutos durante un leccion con un converso recidente. esta bien ahora, porque yo recuerdo todo :D estoy feliz porque de esta. lo siento para mi spelling :)


 We had a miracle this week, a contact called yesterday morning and asked if she could attend church with us, and when was the meeting! When we went to pick her up, she had her brother with her. We have a visit with them tonight and Thursday and they want to come to church again next week, they loved it!!!!!!!! so cool :) Natalia and Diego :) it was so cool!!!!

 My comp about threw up with the deer pictures ha-ha. I’m realizing as squeamish as I am I’m not that bad ha-ha.
Yeah the Christmas tree is scary it’s 11 at night after a loong day :) and I woke up to that on the mirror :) I’m so excited for Christmas!!!


                                         Today is my two month mark :) 

Hermana Rich and Hill cooking banana pancakes for the sisters conference :) they were yummy :D 
 I went on splits again this week with Hermana Burnham, she twisted her ankle really bad so this is a pic of us on our way to Concepcion to go to the hospital, we were in San Juana. She is going home on Tuesday :) lucky ducky :) 

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