Monday, 30 November 2015

I’m here let’s do this!

The church here is super small. I only attended one ward this Sunday and it has maybe 50 people? There are 4 elders in my ward too. I knock doors, pester people on the street and all of it. Think of a mission when the church first started, no joke I feel so stupid sometimes. Hear ye hear ye! I even contacted a lady pushing her son in a swing a couple days ago.  My companion only speaks broken English because she is afraid I’m only pretending to understand her so well. I had a blast on exchanges with Hermana Hill we had so much fun!!!!! I took a picture with Scratt and we went to the beach with Hermana Law and Pemberton. I looooved it!!!!! Hermana Hill started the lesson and handed me the pamphlet and smiled and I got to actually teach a lesson! We’d pass back and forth and I loved it! She left the sweetest note in my agenda too! It was so nice to have someone who trusted that I was capable of doing something. Hermana Ricagno has a tendency to take over the teaching moments. I keep my thoughts to myself about the fleas and pray a lot. I used yellow dawn soap when I had a couple flea bites and it worked for me :) I’m a flee free human again! The food is pretty weird. The meat is awful. Think Mexico but with fat, Bleck! We had some really good salmon yesterday! People here eat sooo much though because they only eat one meal besides a small breakfast. I have to go to the bathroom immediately after so I have room to walk without puking. It’s super rude to not eat everything they give you, and they serve us.  We had a soup called Consuelo. I had no idea how to eat it, in my bowl was a whole cob of corn, a chicken bone, with meat floating around it, and a potato...... it was interesting. I waited to watch how they ate it.

I’m super-duper surprised you have the Christmas tree up before December!!!!  We have a ten inch Christmas tree in our apartment :) That’s super weird that borax will kill fleas:/  I got bit a couple times before I murdered them. You would not believe how they itch and if you scratch they scar.... no bien! I just don’t itch.
The first pic is Hermana Stevenson and me, she’s with us for a couple days since her companion is having passport issues, poor girl.  Then at the beach and scrat :) with Hermana Hill. I loove Hermana Hill she’s the best. I’m kinda nervous President Bluth is going to make me a trainer right after my training :O He acts like my work ethic and sense of self are the best thing since Studio C. I also know more Spanish than anyone can believe. Except Hermana Hill, she kept testing my limits ha-ha.
(I sent her a picture of our Christmas tree. I have no idea what intercambios is? any one who speaks Spanish let me know. I looked it up online, but only Spanish words come up!?)
It’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looove the ribbon and my ornament :) I wish I was there :) but I can’t miss the 3 baptisms scheduled for the 26th. I met the investigators and challenged them this week after intercambios and its going to be cool :) One baptism for sure on the 21st as well. I pulled a Carter Lybbert and told one of our investigators who is living common law, to get married or move out, ha-ha. She’s willing to do one or the other. I just say whatever and people don’t get offended because they think I’m such a cute new missionary. :D My companion is trying to slow my goals down, ha-ha not happening sister! I’m here let’s do this! 
Love Shaylee
(Rod asked her how the missionary work was going)
We have 8 new investigators, 6 with a baptism date and it’s going great. Skidding along is more like it, my feet are burned literally from so much walking the whole bottom layer of my foot is worn off, its awful!!! But I guess that means I’m working? Who knows :)
I love you too dad!
 Shay loves photography
 Kristy, what is this picture of? Lol!
 Hermana Hill
 Hermana Stevenson

Amazing Graffiti!!!




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