Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halloween in The MTC

I LOVE YOUR EMAILS!!!! I miss going to the temple with you too!! I am loving the Halloween candy you sent me!!!! And Kristy sent me 12 Krispy Kreme donuts and I have been hoarding all of it! I love it! The food here is so nasty it is heavenly to have candy! I’m actually dreaming of what I am going to eat in the airport in a week and a half :) one elder tried bribing Silva (teacher) into bringing him burger king haha! It didn’t work!
 So when I was sick I didn’t get to sleep or rest at all only during gym I put my foot down and said no way companion!!! I need some rest!
 And yeppers Hannah and Ashley are faithful letter writers!
 Oh and guess who I made friends with? David Archuleta’s little sister, Melissa! She is super awesome! She is second on the left haha, we have lots of fun together! 
(I told her that I missed her because Mataya was talking my ear off)
 I miss Mataya!!!!! and yeah I'd just get ready for bed and she'd talk and I loved it and I'd get in bed and fall asleep to her talking haha and wake up half hour later to her talking! :) I miss it!
(I asked her what she was doing this p-day)
 I might play soccer later with my Latina buddies, but it depends on when they get back from their temple trip. I’m definitely painting my nails!
 My stake president offered me a blessing on Sunday, said my teachers told him I’d been looking sad- it was because my companion... I basically was told I would be able to work together well with the rest of my companions and I would even be able to work together with Hermana Bentley.  I was blessed to speak fluently in Spanish. And guess what!! I can speak Spanish more or less fluently! It is insane!!!!
TANNER is getting married!!! That is so weird!!!





 She was "her district" for Halloween
 Yay, she got the pretzel M&M's we paid a fortune to get. They are her favorite!
 The MTC Family
 She felt imprisoned one day and took a mug shot.
  This picture is of me and my favorite Latinas, Hermana Alvarado and Urieta! We taught Alvarado in trc, then she came here and we are buddies now! I played basketball with Urieta for gym yesterday! Urieta is the curly one, it is really nice because she speaks a tiny bit of English so it is a little easier to communicate! We looove singing Disney and Rollin in the deep and love story together! She sings Disney in Spanish and I sing in English so it gets interesting! But most songs she only knows in English :) last night during choir we sang the efy medley and I peeked over at them after and they were crying and Urieta saw me looking and made a heart sign, it was neat! Love you Dad! I am excited to get to Chile in a week and a half!
 Cafeteria food.
Melissa Archuleta on the left.
Looks like the other comps dressed up like twins for Halloween?
 She forgot her notebook when Elder Holland came to speak, so she used her palm pilot.


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  1. Shaylee cracks me up...I love the mug shot haha. One month out!