Monday, 23 November 2015

Culture Shock!

Tell them (Granny Gibb, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Mark) happy birthday! I don’t have much time because I had to email president in Spanish first. Chile is nuts I’m not sure loving is the right word, surviving maybe? The Americans just say to hang in there for a couple months then things start to make sense. My comp says its super nice here, she’s from Biuenas Aires, Argentina. I guess I should count my blessings. The wrapper thing, is the leftover lunch she hid in her purse for me when the members back was turned. You wouldn’t believe the amount of food they eat. It’s insane!  They get super offended if you don’t finish it. And they only eat lunch. So yeah it different...
No stove, no clock change and they use military time. I’m going crazy with all the changes. (Chile is 4 hrs. ahead)

 Please send me some flea removal and prevention ideas :) 

I'll check into the fleas. Do you have them in your house or just at others? 
My house, and everywhere else.  Please do thank you!
I’m going to be insane when I come home, I think. Toilet paper goes in garbage not in the toilet! My comp is from Argentina, and so sometimes we speak mime. I miss you so much it was so good to be able to hear your voice on the phone :) these pics are of me Archuleta and Matthews (their so short! ha-ha), saying goodbye to people and the car drive to our areas. We got to stay in a hotel the first night. Heaven I tell you heaven! Now I’m in..... something different I’m a little confused. My comp has fleas, almost everyone here does so you need to tell me how to prevent them ok :) I’m wearing lots of bug spray at the moment. :P I’m serving in San Pedro which is the biggest city in the mission. So yeah, you know me and cities. And Hermana Law is with me!!!! (Sister from the MTC) Different houses, but it helps so much to be able to see her :)
Love shay



 Teacher I had Hermana Garcia she was great.
 MTC goodbye

Welcome from companion
 On the bus

 first day in Chile for all these sisters
Introducing Hermana Ricagno. Shaylee says she is great!

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