Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Made it to Chile

This is the email we received Tuesday, November 17th. The phone call from the airport Monday evening was wonderful, until the 25 minute calling card cut us off before we could say goodbye.
 When the phone call ended a full minute early I wanted to scream, but I just sighed and went to board the plane :)
I’m here in Chile its super-duper weird :) I seriously feel so much better after last night’s call though. I love you guys sooooo much. The mission presidents first question for me was, "how did you manage to pay for your mission all by yourself?" He says he is incredibly excited to have me here just because of that alone,  he says he can tell I’m a hard worker. ;) I told him I hope so, and he said that everything information wise that he was sent about me was superbly complementary. He was bouncing in his chair:) Kind of makes me want to run and hide. I’m pretty much falling asleep at the keys here, and I have to go. 

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