Wednesday, 28 October 2015

It's "cold" in Mexico


Looks like it is nicer there than it is here! (I sent her a pic of the snow we got the other day)
I’m never coming back to Mexico after this. Id so much rather be where it is dry :) the hurricane isn’t helping much with dryness either. It's weird weather here it is wet and freezing and nasty until about 2 and then we all just boil.

 I am currently healing from a cold I was hoping I wouldn't catch, but I caught it :( so I wasn’t able to sing on Sunday after all. I was super sad, but it’s all right. I was also going to sing a duet with Hermana Stone, it turns out she sings soprano opera! And she asked me to do the alto on "Jesus the very thought of thee" we were supposed to audition tonight for a devotional with a general authority, but alas my throat is still too sore. I’m 99% better now though! I’ve basically been living off of prayers.

 I am so excited to get to Chile already!!! The food here is either so spicy I die or so bland I can’t taste it. It’s all just nasty even Silva (her teacher) said the food here is only for emergencies.
(Spicy to Shaylee is bland to most people. Lol!)
You should tell Riley to send me a letter! Then I will have a letter from everyone! 
 I miss you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And seriously going through tuff (her dog) and tucker (her horse) withdrawals so I absolutely love the pictures you sent :) thank you!

Savannah Jackson sent me a letter and made me cry. It was so cute. Tell her to be a good ninja for me k?

 I love you so very much!!!! Miss ya tons!


                                       Shaylee and her cousin Crew the Sunday before she left.
Shaylee and Tucker
Shay saying goodbye to Tucker
Saying goodbye to Tuff


 I’m going to send you a couple pics. Both from this morning one is a mug shot because I feel like I am in prison, haha, what with the barbed wire and all, and the other is a family¨ pictures with papí he acts like a grandpa so we made him grandpa papí haha. I hope you like my posing job!
Love Shaylee! 
I never did get these pictures she is talking about, but I liked her little note of how she feels in the MTC. hopefully next week I can get the pictures from her and post them,
  Wednesdays are my favorite days too! You have no idea how much I need Wednesdays!
 Guess what! Spanish is coming ok, I was able to talk to two Latina sisters pretty good at the devotional yesterday.  Elder Neilson from the first quorum of the seventy came, his wife gave me a hug, and I shook his hand. Hugs are like gold here since everyone is missing home so much! It was fun!
Love Shaylee
  I was so sick I eventually asked for Elder Putnam to give me a blessing. In it I was told you all loved me. Heavenly father loved me and my friends loved me. Also that my call to Chile really was from the lord, that I would bless many lives on my mission, and (this is interesting) that I was called to Chile for one specific person. How weird is that! I think maybe I will mostly bless people at home? Putnam was in tears after it was really neat, he had never given a blessing before.
Love Shaylee

Looks like she LOVES the letters she is getting from all of you.
Thank you so much for loving and supporting her.
I could not get the picture to load the right way. grr!

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