Wednesday, 21 October 2015

No More Spanglish!

 I have a new investigator he is my morning teacher, Sylva pretending to be Cristian. Think of Cooper from modest proposal as a Mexican and you got Hermano Sylva. He discovered how much Spanish I actually know yesterday and has now decided to ignore me unless I am using my Spanish! Haha at least he is actually pushing me. Everyone else is just, "when you’re comfortable." Sylva is all "everyone use Spanglish except Hermana Nelson! Hermana you know Spanish. Use it!" haha! He is crazy. My Spanish is actually excellent. 
 There is only one elder I actually like. His name is Tanner Lynn Putnam and he reminds me of Van from Reba. Haha he is really nice. And weird. Really weird. He is the younger one with dark hair. His companion drives me nuts. But I will survive!  Your first letter honestly probably saved me from depression, it was getting to that point. That reminder snapped me out of.... depression?  I am NOT coming home to you guys like that.
 I sang in the choir yesterday and it was fun. It is weird singing in Spanish! But I got to be away from Bentley for a few hours which was heavenly! I may or may not have kind of lost it over her smothering this morning..... Yeah. I wrote you a detailed letter about that... I apologized profusely though. And she is right back to her usual self. Sigh. Better than her angry though.  
 I really like the other girls in my casa though. They are great I especially love Hermana Williams, Stone, krumholtz and Tobler. They are keeping me sane. Hermana k turned to me during choir last night and mentioned how weird it felt not to be with Tobler and I grinned and said, ´.yeah isn’t it great´, without even thinking about it. I was like um, uh. Katie k just laughed and was like don’t worry I get it.
Hermano Sylva was on his phone while we were doing a role play with our district practicing on Hermana Gutierrez and he turned to me and whispered this is you in Spanish and showed me a picture of a girl baptizing the boy. Haha. He is goofy.
 I keep nodding off during the morning classes, I miscounted our schedule it is actually 16 hours of forced being awake and seven for sleep, but its ok because Sylva goes Hermana Nelson! Every time I start to droop. I wish I could figure out a way to record it, he sounds like a drill sergeant whenever he says it, and his accent just makes me giggle every time. It sounds so bizarre. 
. I have gotten more letter than anyone else in my district and I carry them with me and read them every time I need to remember who amazing Shaylee is.
 Last night I had an interesting experience, the elders are so very very judgmental.  We were having a discussion about Elder Alfredo Mirón of the seventies address, and it turned into a bash session about a select number of elders in the choir singing abilities. It just made me sick. And for some reason I opened my mouth and quietly said, guys, then again just as quietly, guys. then when they all looked at me irritably, I softly said, I just think we should have evening prayer while the spirit can still be here before we start criticizing people for doing the best they can. It got reeeeeaaaaaaalllllly really quite. Scarily quite for no joke 2 full minutes they stared at me, before Putnam said she is right. Then the dl snapped his jaw shut, and said ok. Let’s clean up a little then pray. Elder King didn’t speak to me at all the rest of the night. But during the silence, I could feel the Holy Ghost swirling around me straightening my spine as I stood over by the windows waiting for a response. I had never interrupted there bash sessions before because I thought heavenly father would rather I just not get involved, but I know that was wrong now. It is always important for me to be myself and stand tall, and like 98 percent of the time around here alone. My companion looked so traumatized. She told me later though that she wished she were as brave as me. That was nice haha. I am doing so well on my Spanish, and I am 99.9 percent myself. I think the last . will come when I get home!
Keep the letters coming ;)
I sing all the time now, which is how I ended up with a solo on Sunday in sacrament! It is so hard to sing English songs in Spanish!!!!! I end up with some serious Spanglish, one word in I know that my redeemer lives is prepararse!!!! How am I supposed to sing that smoothly, I ask you! 

Love love love love you!!! 


Thank you every one for all your prayers for Shaylee. I didn't realize how stressed out I was after reading her first letter, as I read this one I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry because of the relief and joy I felt over hearing her sound like herself again.
I believe the letters that were sent to her this week really helped pull her through. Relationships with her family and friends are everything to her. Please keep writing and praying.
Love you all!
PS If you would like to write her a letter and have it delivered to her room that same day. Write an email to this address:
The subject of the email needs to be Sister Shaylee Nelson

Shaylee loves flowers!

The bottles are the surprise we left the elders in my district when they did not show up for yoga class this morning! haha we win :)

imagine only having this many outfits


  1. Wonderful to hear the progress you have grateful for your strengths and spiritual backbone pleased with your accomplishments in learning the language love you love you love you Shaylee

  2. Haha I felt like smurfette, what shall I wear today?