Wednesday, 14 October 2015

It is Finally P-day!

Shaylee is having a hard time adjusting and could use all the prayers she can get :) She said if she wasn't so stubborn she would have been on a flight home already. Here is some of her letter from this week:
sister  stone was only  my companion until we got to the casa then i was teamed up with sister tina bentley. then the next morning they surprised us with turning us into  a trio. jessica godfrey. she went home yesterday since she couldnt hack it. life is super brutal here i miss you all so  much. i started dreaming in spanish on the second night. it was super messed up! my schedule is hectic i will send you a picture of it its aweful. i wake up before the sun, and go to bed waaay after. on the plus side we asked our fake investigator (we arent supposed to know) but it is super obvious since he is wearing garments haha! to be baptised and he said yes.
we got to go the temple this morning that was awesome i loved it! i most definetly prefer our temple but this was nice to go to. the little spanish lady at the veil was looking at me with a bemusedly amused expression as i attempted to imitate her spanish. i got earphones for the rest of the session though! i even had a few minutes alone in the celestial room. My comp talks and talks, she even talks to me while i am in the bathroom!!!!! the walls around here are topped with barbed wire so i cannot escape. :( that was a dissapointment ;) sorry for my spelling spanish keyboards are messed up! 
 the food is awful!!!!! we did get undercooked costco pizza last night and it tasted like heaven :) the beds are like rocks, but the water is all drinkable since the church has its own well here. our pday is wednesday which was a brutally long time to  wait to email you.
there are six sisters including me in my casa, and each companionship gets their own room. we might end up with more sisters tonight since there is a new batch of sisters coming into my zone. i didnt get here last wednesday until 9:30. it was quite literally the worst day of my life. also i have a tendency to randomly start crying i miss you guys so much. i just read your letter, read my pillowcase, and look at my pictures. im thinking my blog post should be titled gunshots and the gospel because we can here shootouts with automatic guns pretty much all the time. the teachers claim they are fireworks. i asked the mtc or ccm as the case may be, what they are and he said one or two a day might be fireworks, but yeah they are gunshots. safe place for sure! Daddy would love it :) the missionaries call me canada most of the time because i am honestly the only canadian sister here. believe me i know, i checked. there is only one other canadian and he is elder something or other from vancouver island, but he does know emma beazer so thats a plus! he leaves in two weeks and then i really will be the only canadian! that should be fun. my accent is mocked constantly. also they keep telling me im pronouncing words with the wrong accent, but the teachers say i am saying words perfectly so i think they are just crazy. its like high school 2.0 here.
 i never want to stop typing!!!!!!!!!! i only take my new necklace off when i sleep, that and my rings are like my lifeline to you all. i miss you sooo much, i am going to try to send some pictures! 
i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you. i love you , i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love shay




  1. Praying for Shaylee! What an adjustment. How many weeks does she stay at the MTC?

    1. When it looks like Shay is replying it's really Andrea

    2. 6 weeks. I really got to figure out how to use this on my iPad

  2. Shaylee I was grateful to hear that you have an opportunity to go to the temple I pray that says you have some moments of quiet that you were able to feel the Spirit and His strength and it will guide you as you continue in the MTC. I am pleased with your determination and dedication to serve a mission I will keep you in my prayers as I have done since you've left morning noon and night many time I think about you during the day as I'm sure the rest of the family is I love you look forward to reading your next blog

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