Thursday, 8 October 2015

Just Walk Away

4 am is way too early to wake up, but we had to get Shaylee to the airport for 4:45. It was a good thing we got to the airport early because there was a few issues with her plane tickets. In case any of you have kids that go on multiple flights to the M.T.C. the church travel department makes it so that the kids have to pick up each ticket at each different airport, a measure they take so they keep track of the missionaries and where they did or did not pick up their tickets. It took about half hour for us and the airport lady and the helper on the phone to figure it that out.
Goodbye wasn’t as bad as I had pictured it in my mind. We hugged, took a few pictures, shed very few tears (I thought Shaylee would be flooding the airport) we told her it was time to go or she would miss her flight, she turned and walked through the doors without looking backL I turned to Rod and said “she didn’t even look back!” I was in shock, but couldn’t walk away. A few minutes later she walked back into sight and gave us a thumbs up, then walked away. Nothing can prepare a mother for that moment, but I held it together as long as nobody gave me any sympathy.
When we got in the car Mataya started singing “Just walk away” By Celine Dion, she is always good to break the tensionJ
Shaylee first flew to Salt Lake, then Atlanta Georgia, and finally arrived in Mexico City.
A few of the tender mercies along the trip were, the kid behind us in the Calgary airport was also leaving on his mission, and taking the same flight to Salt Lake. Since it took us so long at the ticket counter I was able to observe his family saying goodbye, which helped me a lot.  When she got to Salt Lake she met up with Sister Hailee Stone and an Elder Willy, who were also flying to the Mexico M.T.C. She had travel buddies! I was so happy she didn’t have to face the Mexican airport by herself. I guess the Atlanta is one with the trains between terminals, they must have all looked lost, because one of Sister Stone’s friends dads just happened to be in the airport, noticed them and showed them how to get to their terminal. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
She shocked us all by calling us when she was in Atlanta. Get this, the elders mom sent him with an “emergency” cell phone, and I thought I was protectiveJ (Mataya is insisting on all the smiley faces) I’m glad the mom did send it because being able to hear her happy and okay with life made me feel so much better, even though it was only a minute conversation. Then Mataya started singing “I will survive!”  She has a song for everything!
She was able to send us a quick email last night, letting us know that she had made it safely. This is what she wrote:
“Pray for me ok, this is hard! I love you all soooo much.”
Love Shay
This beautiful daughter of mine never ceases to amaze me with her faith, trust, and determination. What an example she has been and always will be to me.


Her pretty Canadian mission necklace. It has been a tradition for Shaylee to get a necklace for all the special events in her life.
Walking away, with Mataya's old school bag on her back, we should have thought that through a little more.
Here is her MTC address, letters only!
She will be in the MTC for 6 wks


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  2. Can't wait to hear if you have received an email yet this week!