Sunday, 2 October 2016

Maria's Baptism

Every time Roman, Shaylee's 6 yr. old cousin, comes to our house the first thing he asks "Is Shaylee home yet?"
Jaja I'll just show up to his house one day and surprise him ;)
 I seriously would be at home right now without your emails, they give me the boost and energy I need. Best part of the week :D 

Random bird on the sidewalk that you can't see very well, but it's fun to see where she is at.

                                          Ward council Meeting

 We will be watching conference the same day, but 3 hours behind. We have to wait to watch women’s conference though. 
Shaylee's cousin Evie, likes to call people on the phone, so we called granny, and uncle David. I was telling  her about the conversations, this is her reply:

Ha-ha Evelette :D so cute! I could give you my number, but....... ha-ha might be a little wrong to do, ha-ha.  Would love to get that call :D 

Marias baptism was so wonderful, but a disaster and a half behind scenes. Morning of the baptism the lady with the baptism tunics said "no, we can’t use them" (we’d only been talking with her for 3 weeks) then, we couldn’t find any other clothes for Maria to wear, so Andrea and Ray volunteered to go pick up a tunic from a different ward, so off they went.  We went peacefully to clean and fill the font. The font was horribly dirty. We scrubbed and scoured while singing Come Thou Fount, I know that my redeemer lives, and more in Spanglish, then songs from Princess and the Pauper (Barbie movie) we really rock singing the, "I’m just like you" song. ha-ha. Then we had a 1 hour play by play of the "Diamond Castle" from Hna Goulding, complete with song and actions, finishing with her teaching me a dance from a "Mermaid Tale" while we set up chairs.  Turns out were both nuts, ha-ha. With Hna Goulding having 5 sisters and a 5yr old brother she has an excuse :D The RS came to check out who was making the beautiful melody? And we were dying laughing. Good thing they don’t speak English. ha-ha. They were quite impressed by our mad singing skills. After filling the font it was barely warm. Maria is 75 so we were scared she'd just die when she touched it, so we went and awkwardly asked to borrow the water heater upper thingy (kettle) from the RS activity room, (told em we were thirsty) and used that to heat up some water from the bathroom to help heat the font ha-ha, it kind of worked. Then we got the phone call at 6:10 that the dude didn’t show up to give Andrea the tunic and we were without clothes. Maria was coming at 6:30 and the baptism started at seven. After a mild panic attack we got a hold of the other Hnas, and they assured us they’d find a miracle. With a leftover Hna Hall t-shirt, and Palmenia´s dress refashioned into a skirt (we folded the top over) she was ready. Rossi and Andrea showed up with a tunic hastily remade from a tablecloth. The Holy Ghost talk didn’t show up, and the musical number fell through.  The mission leader filled in and gave the talk and thankfully the baño (bathroom) girls always have acapella hymns ready, so we sang. Maria never suspected a thing. :D Then she was scared of the water so I ran around back and reassured her whilst the other Hna’s distracted the 5 members that came, and she trusts me I guess because she did it! Yay :D then she said she had the best night’s sleep in her life :D
During the confirmation the next day, she got told in her blessing she had been prepared in the pre-existence to accept the gospel here on the earth. :D She’s so awesome! Seriously she’s cool. Right after the sacrament meeting she asked who she had to pay her tithing too. :D so she paid her tithing :D 


                                                4 leaf clovers
                                        Missionaries at work!
                                        Sisters conference
 Also Miriam and her 8 yr. old son came to church yay!!! love them :D

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