Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Puerto Saavedra

 So this morning I woke up at 5am because the other Hna's decided they needed an hour and a half to get ready to go to the beach, and that they need to play motab loudly while doing so :( not happy Bob, not happy! ;) I just rolled over and dozed until 5:50ish, got up and was ready in 10 minutes ha-ha.
We went with the zone to Puerto Saavedra, it was so pretty, and fun! We played volley ball but each compa├▒erismo had a beach towel and we went district against district. The ball was a water balloon we had to catch and throw with the towel it was super cool! Hna Goulding and I were fantastic at it I must say :D Hna Rico and Rowden should have just surrendered, poor things were soaked by the end, they just couldn’t get the movement right ha-ha
On the bus rides to and from Puerto Saavedra we played mafia for 3 hours. ha-ha. Every round I was one of the first killed. I think I’ve been with these people too long they’ve figured out the mischief behind the innocence. I was usually mafia, then when I was detective I got killed right away, and then the people heeded my call to repentance ha-ha

This pic will not load the right way!!!


We found a lady who lives in our apartment building, while contacting on the street. She is super cool. We also finally got in, with a picture perfect family, that I’ve been stalking since I got here ha-ha they’re just as cool as I knew they’d be. David, Angelica, and their kids, Leon(lion) and Celeste(light blue). David is a political dude running in an election right now. 

We all sang in a choir for a ward baptism with the kids preparing for  missions.
 I was able to go out and work more than half the days this week so I’m happy for that. 

Wow life is nutsy! I have a hard time remembering all- OH! ha-ha yesterday I was doodling on my tithing slip (first time I have done that since I left, bout broke my heart when I realized) and after church the counsellor dude brought my very carefully opened tithing slip back to me cause it was just to awesome to throw out ha-ha! if only they knew how much I doodle :D Hna Goulding says it’s getting out of hand ha-ha ;) keeps me happy :D 

Ha-ha I found like four or five more four leaf clovers this week :D I’m so lucky! 

 I also was ordered to wear flip flops by Hna May, which is crazy because that’s a super no no for our mission, but she says if it helps my foot, go for it.  :D The only downside is my flip flops broke, so I have to use a pair that is to big and plastic. Wearing them definitely helps. I just have a few blisters from the cheap flip flops.

 I think I’ve killed my compy, but it’s good that she’s tired, right? :D 


Thanks for the encouragement dad! This week’s been rough, I have been trapped inside almost half of the time cause of my foot, yet I was out more than last week, and even though we found lots of new people who are really cool, I’m kind of sad, and scared about what’s going to happen with my foot cause it’s just a replay of last time. So far, docs can’t find nothing, chiro thinks it’s my hips, nope! I know everything’s going to be all right. I’m doing the best I can. I just needed to let that out :D
I love you so much dad, I’m so grateful for your example of hard work, and awesomeness, you’re the best!

Love amazing Shaylee



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