Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Open Your Heart

 Dad’s an all or nothing guy, and honestly when I’m dying I just think ok now what would dad do? Then I just keep on going. 
 I actually can’t feel much pain in my foot at this point, I just know by looking at it now that when its bright purple, I neeeed to stop for a 15 min break ha-ha. It did hurt now it’s just numb, the nurse is thinking special insoles might help? Who knows :D I do feel better now though after being sick and resting.  Xuaqin, a recently ordained elder in my ward saw that I had a cold and asked if he could give me a blessing. He was excited so I said for sure, not going to turn it down. He began the blessing, then he stopped for almost a full minute and said I bless you with power, and that according to your faith your body will function in exactly the way God created it to work, and your foot will return to normal. So cool. He said lots of other cool stuff, but I have it written somewhere else :D Oh yeah, and that my heart will be open to the Chileans’ and others I work with. I was like how did you know?!?!?! Ha-ha church is true, nothing else to it :D I can work and work and work, yet I have had a hard time opening up my heart. 

 Hna Calderon found my Easter glasses, this is how I found her :D

        A note from Hna Bentley :D it was actually super sweet
                                                          (The MTC comp that didn't care much for Shaylee)

So on Sat. we went and did service for Hno Andy, he is from Peru, his wife is Chilean. Manoah is 8 and 3/4 pregnant with their fifth child. They’re really cool, and speak almost fluent English. We helped him haul stuff out of his back yard. Lots of wood, junk, and rocks. I weeded while we were at it because it was a mess. They recently finished building in this neighborhood, so it was still dreadful from that too :D  It was fun except for one thing... Spiders! Brown recluse spiders or arañas de rincon. Evil posionous spiders :P They were on everything, that’s why I volunteered to weed ha-ha :D Poor Goulding, she’s scared of spiders too, I’m just faster at grabbing the shovel :D Andy was shooing all the kids inside, "there’s spiders kids not safe outside!" ha-ha yikes! I hate spiders we didn’t get bit :D blesssings :D We did get the yard cleaned. Andy wants to do a neighborhood meeting, where we come teach about families so I’m excited for that, hopefully I’m still here for it. Transfers are on Monday coming up :D ha-ha I’m heading out I think after 6 months its time. It’ll be weird!
                                        Us after our service project

A doodle she made for Andrea C, a girl in their ward.
Baño girls sang for zone conference.

Struggles this week: Foot is staying the same, had a cold, struggling with having to be in the house, and the forced slow down my foot is putting on me.
Successes: I have a mute, and a politician investigator who are super cool. My other success is when I can work, I always do.

I can’t believe Riley has been ordained to an elder, so strange, but cool :D
 I’ve been studying lots on the Holy Ghost and on spiritual power. I've loved learning more about it :D

Love Shay




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