Tuesday, 18 October 2016

General Conference Weekend

I asked Shay if she would rather us pick her up right after the mission, or go back later.
I would prefer if you come pick me up, that plane trip was horrid! President May said April 11 would be the day to pick me up, and to contact him if you will be, so we can do a small unitrusive hand off at the mission home. 

 I watched all sessions but one in Spanish because our stake pres. doesn’t believe in letting the missionaries watch in English :P  The zone leaders stole one of the members phones and we watched a session on that secretively, behind the stage, jumping at every sound in case it was him, ha-ha :D
We were going to go to the other stake center on Sunday, but we were out back on a cute little bridge in our stake centre.  Soledad my bf from the ward here, was feeling down so it turned into a "comfort the lonely girl" time, and we all felt better after. I was so happy to help her I love her lots, she’s sending her mission papers in too.  Soledad thinks it would be cool if her and Riley were in the same MTC, ha-ha :D We ended up missing the time frame to sneak to the other estaca.

 So I was out of commission most of the week :P  My foot was dying. (Shaylee injured her foot playing soccer in 11th grade, it's come back to haunt her) I went to the doc on Tuesday :P (nothing wrong, dejavuo) then the chiropractor on Thursday (still nothing wrong) so yeah. 
The elders gave me a blessing on Tuesday for my foot, and Heavenly Father says, foot thing is back so I can learn something :P ha-ha and that it will get better, that I will be able to serve, and that I will find the people who are ready to accept the gospel and be baptized. So that was really cool :D I always feel so much more capable to do this work after something like that, it’s just so incredibly reassuring :D I’m so grateful that god has restored his priesthood here to the earth today through living prophets. What greater blessing could we have? Everything depends on that priesthood. 
Last night after conference, we got back at 8:30, we put our stuff away and I hobbled on outside to go hunt for Miriam, an investigator who is super busy, but super cool and lives close to us. She was home, and let us in at 9:00pm! We finally got to give her a book of Mormon and she was soooo excited!She accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of this month! Yay!!!! Miracles after a loong week! I’m so happy Heavenly Father is always prepping people to accept the gospel. 
We had interviews with President May on Friday, he basically told Hna Goulding that I’m headed out to a new sector next cambio :P I figure after 6 months they ought to just leave me here. ha-ha, oh well. I feel like Hermana Goulding is a lot more prepared to take on this monster sized sector now.  We still have two weeks till cambios :D  The 7th is my one year mark so that’s weird :) kind of never thought I’d make it to this point, but here I am and I’m still alive! Yay! I feel like life is just blurring together now ha-ha, one great big blur of tired, but I’d much rather be tired than well rested during this battle  :D 

Love amazing Shaylee



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