Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Favorite Food: ICE CREAM?!

Natalya missed church and has to wait till the 30th to be baptized with Diego.  We taught them with a member, the member taught the lesson and it was fantastic! Diego said closing prayer, he asked that they  would be able to know where the truth was, and oh ha la esta en esta iglesia!!!! he hopes it’s in our church.  He came to church without Natalya yesterday!!!!! He’s 18, and if she’s not there he’s not there, but he came!!!!!!!!!! OH! The bishop at 4 o’clock Saturday asked me to speak on the restauracion for 10 minutes in sacrament yesterday. I was like... yo puedo, I think! But I survived!!!!! And people were thanking me for my message :) mom I was translating my talk from English to Spanish while I talked because I wrote it in 1 hour!!! I also went up to the podium missing the last 4 minutes of my talk because Hermana Ricagno had the pages!!!! Barbara’s mom was crying, called me valiente, extremely brave.
 We had a return and report, and Hrma Bluth (mission Mom) made me Hawaiian haystacks!!! She is awesome!!!! Seriously love her.
 I love you so much and am grateful to be your daughter. You taught me to have an attitude completely different about life than all  of the other girls here.  Haha Hermana Ricagno told me the other day, I’m like a man, in a good way, "things are the way they are, it’s not a big deal let’s make it work." Haha her translated words.
 I cried yesterday setting goals because we decided that 8:30am-10:30pm is only Spanish for me. I miss English. Oh and my iPod is working!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Beyond 5! Women of destiny! Jenny Philips! Guitar solos! I love it all thank you! Makes the mornings so much better! There was even some Spanish songs in there :D I love it! We were super busy, I’m sorry I didn’t take more pics this week, next week there will be a ton!

"Baptism by water" chick is good, works a lot though.... oh well we’ll catch her eventually! 
( The girl that said she wanted to be baptized the right way)

Love Shaylee

(I asked her what her favorite and worst food was)
Favorite food is ice cream

Worst is anything meat it's HORRIBLE!

ME: Ice cream shouldn't be considered a food!

Ice cream here is food!

Sisters at return and report. I assume it is when they return to the mission home and report in person to the mission president.
Selfie while writing today.

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